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NO GYM/NO PROBLEM April 12 2015

These 2 routines are easy to do at home and use all your own body weight. You can also incorporate any of them into your gym routine to add a little diversity to your workouts.


MUSCLE BURNERShoulder-Elevated Single-Leg Hip Thrust: Place your upper back against a stable box or bench with your arms out to your sides.  Lift your right foot, tucking your knee toward your chest.        CARDIO BURNERMountain Climber: Assume a push up position.  Lift your right foot and bring your right knee as close to your chest as possible, touching the floor with the toes of your right foot.  Repeat with your left leg.  That's 1 rep.

-Posted Tuesday, Feb 20th, 2018

The way you feel is a lie

...FOREVER CHANGED!September 6, 2017


AFTER WHAT I DID ON MONDAY, MY PERSPECTIVE ON HOW SORE I AM WILL FOREVER CHANGED! Just to give a little back-story, for pretty much all of 2014 and half of 2015, I was a pretty passionate bodybuilder, I competed in two power-lifting meets, I used to watch all the top power-lifters videos on YouTube, and I constantly researched programming styles.     

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